Zombicide – Geektopia Games


I only played Zombicide one time, enough to see that it’s probably the best Zombie game out there, better than both Last Night on Earth and Zombies!!!  It captures the frenetic feel of LNOE and has similarly interesting characters with unique abilities, but these characters are actually a bit better, plus there are expansions that include famous movie characters.  I definitely prefer the cooperative nature and rules of this one, in which zombies always respond to stimuli in the same way.  It puts you and your friends in the same life and death situation, trying to solve the same puzzle with the help of some weapons and abilities, but with random obstacles thrown in your way, some of which will result in a character’s death right then and there.  For example, one moment I’m a zombie carving Machete and feeling unstoppable, the next a card event results in a swarm of zombies jumping me, and that’s that.  I’m a new character who is slippery enough to get away from zombies, and eventually I get armed with twin pistols and I end up saving the day.  So many games out there, but this one deserves more play.


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