Terraforming Mars

This page is all about Terraforming Mars, one of my favorite games in the solar system.

There is just something about playing a game where you get to do something as interesting as starting on a barren, desolate, frozen, oxygen-starved, water-starved planet and within a couple of hours, turn it into a livable place with heat, oxygen, oceans, cities, forests and wildlife.  This is the epitome of do-something-ability: win or lose, you’re going to do something this game.  You’re also going to build your own engine that contributes to the planet’s development.  With expansions like Prelude and Colonies, this has fast become one of my favorite games of all time, right along with Epic Duels and Puerto Rico.

At the 2018 Toy Fair, I met Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games and asked him if I could run a tournament at GenCon.  He agreed and I ran the first-ever, sanctioned Terraforming Mars tournament.  Click below to learn more!

GenCon Tournament preview

GenCon Tournament results

Full game review

Prelude expansion review