The Castles of Burgundy

I was going to cover The Castles of Burgundy game in the Castles and More Castles post, comparing and contrasting to the Castles of Mad King Ludwig.  Part of the reason I didn’t go with the full write-up and review is because the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze for me on this game.

This is a different type of castles game, more like an estate game.  You build a bunch of different buildings of different types on your estate, including castles, all of which score points for you in different ways.  There is some decent do something ability, as you do build your estate out by the end of the game, and have a little city going.  This is a good game for 2 players, as it’s fairly quick to get going, fairly quick and easy to play.

You can play with 3 or more players, but I would probably play something else in those situations.

It pales in comparison to, say, the Castles of the Mad King Ludwig.  The components are pretty simple cardboard chits, not quite enough to sink your teeth into, in my opinion.  It has a decent medieval feel, kind of like a Citadels, but you never really get into the castle-building the way you do in the other game.  It’s still a good strategic game with a fast pace, but there are so many games I’d rather play.