Mechs vs Minions

In Mechs vs Minions, you program your robot-like “mechs” to battle Jawa-like “minions” and reach objectives. I’ve only played this game once, but it’s fun. It’s a collaborative, programming game where you program your mechs in order to complete objectives. By “programming” I mean the mechanic where you “program” all of your moves in one phase, then in the next phase, you execute all the moves you programmed. You can’t undo the program. This mechanic works in the game Colt Express because it captures the chaos of a train robbery. It works in Mechs & Minions because you’re programming a robot-like Mech with a line of code. It almost feels like you’re playing with a robot toy, setting up the moves, winding it up, and watching it go. Better yet, you get two robot toys, and I was able to specialize each of them: One a very fast mech with ramming capabilities, the other more functional and weapon-based. With so many games around, we didn’t go deep on this one, but I’d be up for that. I’ll do a full review if we play again or I can at least get some pictures.