Legendary is a cooperative deck-building game featuring marvel superheroes and villains. The 1670 group used to play this and I’m not sure why we ever stopped. It’s a very fun deck-building game, but it also makes you feel like you are battling a villain and his henchman with your marvel super heroes and their super powers, what more could you want? The game board is thoughtfully laid-out to add something to the cards that come out. The villains and their henchman change and so do the objectives and goals, providing enough variance to keep you playing again and again, hence the question, why did we stop? There are other versions of this game where you play the villains, fighting against the heroes, and I saw another version that was Aliens-themed. It’s such a well-constructed game that I don’t see why it couldn’t work with a variety of themes. The main one, though, of marvel heroes is fun and well-balanced in terms of being challenging to win as cooperative heroes, but do-able enough to keep trying.

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