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Mara Jade the Emperor’s Hand

Minor(s): 2 Twi'lek Spies

The idea of this deck has been up on this site for years, because Roman likes the character from the Timothy Zahn novels. However, we have the DT Mara Jade deck printed out and everything, it captures her very well and we barely play her anyways.  We would probably play with CLEVER STRIKE discarding only 2 cards instead of 3, but that’s not really worth writing up a new deck.  I think Darth Trumpetus captures “The Emperor’s Hand” era of Mara Jade very well, and the deck would actually pair up perfectly with Emperor Palpatine.  We don’t play enough Epic Duels these days to break this deck out, but we do have it.

I’d take the page down but then you’d miss the very nice Mara Jade art!  Besides, she’s part of the full Vassal set from the Vassal page.

What does this deck do:  Pairs up well with Emperor Palpatine



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