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Minor(s): Pippin

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The other too-tough deck in this set is Gandalf, but I’ve seen him get his head kicked in by some of the Legends decks.


16 HP
Green Deck (10 cards, melee)

7 HP
Minor Brown Deck (9 cards, melee)

Gandalf Talent Cards (9)

3x Wielder of the Flame
A6, The player controlling the defending character loses an action on his/her next turn.

2x Staff of Light
STAFF OF LIGHT does 3 damage to all characters Gandalf could attack at a distance.  Move all of these characters up to 3 spaces.

2x You Shall Not Pass
D12, All opponents controlling a character adjacent to Gandalf may not move those characters when
they roll the die to move at the beginning of their next turn.

1x Gandalf The Wise
Choose any opponent. That opponent must reveal his/her hand and discard all Power Attack cards.

1x Shadowfax
Move Gandalf up to 8 spaces.  Then either move Pippin adjacent to Gandalf or draw 2 cards.

Pippin Talent Cards (3)

1x Guard of the Citadel
A6. Draw 2 cards.

1x Longbottom Leaf
You may divide the recovery of up to 3 damage between Pippin and any adjacent allied hobbit.

1x Palantír
Look at the top 4 cards in your draw pile. Place one card in your hand and put the other 3 back in any order.

Suggested Tweak:  I’d probably take STAFF OF LIGHT down to 2 damage.  Gandalf will then struggle a bit to come up with enough damage output, but he’s so incredibly strong in other ways that he could stand to have a slight weakness in addition to the one he already has, which is that he does lose something if Pippin goes down early.

You can leave him as is and have fun playing an incredibly powerful deck that can beat you in many ways.  Like Aragorn, he’s so good that you don’t even have to play very strategically.

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