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Minor(s): 2 Orcs

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Bolg actually does about as much epic dueling as any character in the Hobbit trilogy of films.  I admit, I never quite got his deck where I wanted it, and when updating this LOTRED section in 2018, I made some changes.  This hasn’t been tested in this form so if you play with it, let us know how it goes.


17 HP
Blue Deck

2 Orcs
4 HP Each
Weak Melee Minor Deck

Bolg – 12 Talent Cards

4x Intimidation
A4.  If this attack does damage, add 2 to its attack value.

2x Brute Strength
A3.  If a defense card is played other than a Power Combat card, it is discarded and the defender takes full damage. Power combat cards are not affected.

2x Merciless
A5*.  *Add 2 to the attack strength for each of your Orcs that has been destroyed.

2x Determination
Bolg and each of his Orcs may move up to 4 spaces each.  Draw a card for each Orc that has been destroyed.

2x Age of the Orc
Bolg heals 3 points of damage.    Draw a card for each Orc that has been destroyed.

Notes:  His offense is a bit wanting, but he has great staying power and can bring it once his Orcs are killed off.

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  1. umondy says:

    Looks cool, my concern though would be that as an opponent I would never attack his weak minors, keeping him weak as well. Do I miss something or is this really the big weak spot of the deck?

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