Geektopia and League 1670 Gaming Groups

Geektopia is the Chicago-based gaming group including Roman Farraday, the blog’s author, fooyongfoo (Ian), the site’s designer, Erik, his brother and CageyBB, our friend.  Roman is also part of a second Chicago-based gaming group, formerly known as “Star Wars Minis League 1670” including some of the best-known SWM players in the world like Timmerb, Docmogs/Fingersandteeth (also known in Epic Duels), and xcrudo. We are also a 3-hour drive from Indianapolis and hence annual visitors to GenCon.  The 1670 group has (mostly) moved on from SWM, moved from Wicker Park to Jefferson Park, added new members like Televator and the Cowboy Poet, and become very good about trying out new titles.  Many gamers trying many titles gives us great access to review new tabletop games.  Before Geektopia, Roman had other gaming groups, leneek being his primary gaming friend.

The Geektopia group tends to like tabletop games that are strategic, but also those that can be completed in 90 minutes or less, think of Epic Duels or a non-expanded Settlers of Catan.  We like to play through several games in a night, giving everyone a chance to win a game by being on Cagey’s team.  Our favorite game probably remains Epic Duels but a 2004 post called Games played by the 3 A-Holes probably better captures who we are.

The 1670 group will try 1-2 new titles almost every time they meet, sometimes mixing in old games, as we’ll play for 8 hours or more at a time.  Therefore, this group has no aversion to playing or even trying out games that take 3-4 hours at a time; even a 6 hour game like Eclipse is on the table.  Other times, smaller contingents will meet to play Star Wars Minis exclusively.  Four of its members, including Roman, also have an ongoing campaign of Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game (and now that it’s 2018, it’s high time we wrapped that one up!)