Fearsome Wilderness

An immersive tabletop gaming experience and miniatures collection crafted for gamers, hobbyists, and horror fans alike.

Fend off the unnatural Fearsome Critters of folklore. Endure grueling days and tormented nights in the forest. Time is short. Can you survive with only twelve weeks til winter?

Paul and his friends are dropped off at a beach on a pristine lake but the neighboring forest is not as they expected.

The trees, having a will of their own, seek to defy these heroes of folklore.

Some gnarled with large burls and knots, others iridescent and screaming, newly planted trees grow full size overnight but quickly begin to rot.

Each day brings winter closer and shelter more crucial. All this and who knows what fearsome critters may lurk in the night 

45-60 minutes per game session enthralling 1-4 players with action-packed campaigns lasting 12-24 sessions.

1000’s of hours of gaming and hobby enjoyment designed for miniature or rpg enthusiasts as a platform to apply their own creativity.

A community-focused approach with expertise embracing fan made content for over 15 years.

5 core miniatures and stretch goals for up to 35 different critters and trees to indulge painters and captivate collectors


Paul Bunyan

Babe the Blue Ox

Calamity Jane

Johnny Appleseed

The Well