Cage Match!

Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game is the tabletop game of head-to-head, mixed martial arts combat, and it will be available for purchase in November 2019!  Step into the cage!

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See what they’re saying

“I’ll give it 2 thumbs up.”
– Graham, Board Crazy Games

“They did it. They’ve managed to put so much into this game, yet it’s so simple!”
– William, The Hungry Gamer

“It does a really good job of taking what makes MMA appealing and putting it in a small board game package.”
– Will, Board Crazy Games

About the game

Styles makes fights!  Control a mixed martial arts fighter from a variety of backgrounds, from boxing to freestyle wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Defeat your opponent by knock out or submission.  Secretly select your move, gain focus and then spend it on power moves.  Every move has a counter and it might come down to a roll of the dice.  Step into the cage with Cage Match!

Cage Match! is a 2-player tabletop game for ages 14 and up that takes 5-15 minutes.  It has been tested hundreds of times with adults, children, MMA fans, non-fight fans, gamers and non-gamers.  It’s fast-moving, it’s strategic, and it’s fun.

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Beta version of the game, print version has reduced size of action pads and screens.

About Geektopia Games

We are the publishers of Cage Match! and this is our first game.  We’ve been creating add-on materials and full expansions for Epic Duels since 2003,  reviewing games since 2016 and playing games since the 1980s.

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