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Updated (around) 1/27/2018

This includes 54 total extension decks plus a 55th file containing 8 tweaked original decks and 4 maps from the Transformers game that we always play with. The extensions include 4 non-Geektopia decks that we sometimes play with, Cad Bane by Palamon (the 10YA version in its creator’s form), R2-D2 by Mike Maloney (recreated), Mara Jade by Darth Trumpetus (recreated with one tweak) and Sly Moore by Sultan (recreated with some tweaks).

Each Vassal extension deck comes as a zip file that never needs to be unzipped, but we packed them up into 5 GeektopiaSWED zip files, each with 10-12 decks in it and each about 5.5-5.7MB (instead of one file of 25MB or more), and with all the Disney content in number 5.  These 5 zip files need to be unzipped, but nothing else does.  For people visiting for the first time or are new to Vassal, there are step-by-step instructions below.


GeektopiaSWED-1 of 5.  Last updated around 2/4/2017.

Geektopia SWED-2 of 5.  Last updated around 2/4/2017.

Geektopia SWED-3 of 5.  Last updated around 2/4/2017.

Geektopia SWED-4 of 5.  Last updated around 1/20/2018 (Sora Bulq).

Geektopia SWED-5 of 5.  Disney decks.  Last updated on 2/8/2018.

Geektopia Tweaks to original SWED Decks.  Last updated a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

I have no plans to add or update any pre-Disney SWED content without specific feedback from other players.

Ext Window Architecture

All I see is a blank screen!  Yo, scroll down.  Rows and rows of decks starting with Row 900.

Rows 1-3:  All “core” Geektopia decks, alternating Good, Evil, Good.

Row 4:
  All dark side decks, but only the first 2 are “core” Geektopia decks.  From there, the decks go in rough order of how likely we’d be to play those decks, with Sora Bulq being the most likely and Mara Jade the least likely.

Row 5:  2 more “core” Geektopia decks, plus any additional “pre-Disney” decks, only 2 additional so far.  Cad Bane and R2-D2 are bonus decks, they aren’t ours, but we use them, so they are included for convenience.  Cad Bane is Palamon’s original creation, R2-D2 & C-3P0 is Mike Maloney’s recreated, only ours doesn’t look as good as his.  Any additional decks from the cartoons or anywhere else would be included in this row, but don’t expect much, if anything.

Row 6:  Disney content.  This currently includes The Force Awakens , Rogue One and The Last Jedi.  These are all in GeektopiaSWED-5 and will be updated once in a while, as these decks are newer and still getting feedback.

First time visiting this page or new to Vassal?

If this is your first time visiting this page, the complete package of Geektopia for Vassal is here.

If you’re new to Vassal, get started at the Wiki here, then come back when you’re ready to add extensions.


There are zip files that you will extract from, and 6 total .zip files that you will leave as they are.

1. Download the 5 “Geektopia-SWED” zip files to one directory.

2. Unzip all 5 zip files. Each zip file will contain 8-12 zip files named after Star Wars characters starting with (if you just did Geektopia-5, it starts with Cassian & K-2SO). DO NOT UNZIP these individual deck files. Instead, copy (or cut) and paste them to a common folder. After unzipping all 5 Geektopia-SWED files and pasting the 8-12 individual deck files to a common folder you should have 54 individual deck files called,, etc. plus the Tweaks file.

3. Put all 54 deck files (all zip files) and the Geektopia Tweaks file into your SWED3-2_ext directory.

4. Confirm that your SWED3-2_ext directory has approximately 55 .zip files in it, starting with, Aayla Secura, etc. and ending with Yoda

5. Start up Vassal and play the SWED3-2 module:

A. After you choose a player, you should see 4 new maps to choose from (Geektopia Tweaks file).
B.  There should be a new button called “Roman’s Tweaks” with 8 tweaked original decks in it (Geektopia Tweaks file).
C.  Locate the extension window.  The extension window should have 54 decks in it but they are not at the top.  Scroll down to Row 900 see them all.  The last row holds content from the newer, Disney movies.


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