Starscream – Geektopia Games


20 HP

16 basics

1x 5/1
2x 4/2
1x 4/1
2x 3/2
2x 2/3
3x 1/4
3x 3/1
2x 2/2

14 specials

5x Delusions of Grandeur
A4*. If Starscream does damage with this card, draw 4 cards. If no damage is done, discard 3 cards.

1x Mecha Surge! Rockets
A*. The attack value of this card is equal to the number of spaces in between Starscream and the attacked character. If applicable, count diagonal spaces as one each.

2x Mecha Surge! Speed
Look at any opponent’s hand. If there is a Special card, you may play it immediately as if it were your own card. Playing your opponent’s card does not count as an action.

3x Swindle – Blind Side
Look through an opponent’s discard pile. Take any 2 cards and place them in any order back on top of that opponent’s draw pile.

3x Swindle – Recon
Choose an opponent. That opponent must reveal his/her hand to all players. Choose one card and place it back on top of his/her draw pile.

Starscream hasn’t performed very well in games I’ve played, and more significantly, he isn’t fun.  He has a lot of card-drawing power, but no really good cards to draw.  He has a problem finding enough killing power because it’s easy to limit the damage from his ROCKETS attack, and other than that, he has nothing but a bunch of A4s, a single A5 and no direct damage.


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