19 HP

17 basics

1x 5/1
2x 4/2
3x 3/3
2x 2/3
2x 1/4
2x 3/1
2x 2/1
3x 1/2

14 specials

4x Crane Smash
A*. The attack value of this card is equal to the number of cards the player controlling the attacked character currently has in his/her hand.

4x Wrecking Ball
A5. All players may draw up to 3 cards.

2x Reroute
You may discard any number of cards to gain back damage points equal to the number of cards discarded.

3x Liftor – Boomerang
Choose an opponent. That opponent cannot attack or play any Special cards during his/her next turn.

1x Laserbeak
Look at all opponents’ hands. Then choose one card to discard from each hand.

I’ll tell you I’m not a fan of the Smokescreen deck.  My first problem is, the original Smokescreen was a sports car that drove around, spraying a thick cloud of smoke. This one is a crane.  I don’t get it.  Next, he looks like an Autobot, but isn’t Laserbeak a Decepticon?  Again, I don’t get it.

That, and, his cards aren’t really that good.  A worse version of Mace’s BATTLE MIND.  I’ve never seen Smokescreen have a good game.



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