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The Balrog

The Balrog is a great candidate for a single-character deck.

The Balrog
21 HP
Red Deck + 4x A1D2 (14 cards, Melee)

The Balrog – 17 Talent Cards

3x Flame Sword
A7/D7 If used as defense, attacker takes 2 damage.

3x Fire Whip
A5. May attack a target up to 3 spaces away and move target adjacent to Balrog.

3x Foe Beyond Any
All enemies adjacent to Balrog take 3 damage. Opponents must discard 1 card for each character affected.

3x Rake
A3. Doesn’t count as an action.

5x Flames
Do 1 damage to an adjacent character. Playing this card does not count as an action.



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