The great thing about the Epic Duels online community is the ability to leverage the talents of others.  I think I make a good deck, but I have no talent for designing maps.  Fortunately, Robert Moore and Sultan have exactly that, and they’ve lent those talents to LOTRED.  Leveraging the even greater online community, someone named Brian created a map for Amon Hen long ago, and Robert was able to mine the images.

The first 4 maps were part of the original project.  These first 2, by Robert Moore, come as .JPGs, and each in 2 parts:

Amon Hen1
Amon Hen2

Shelob’s Lair1
Shelob’s Lair2

These next 2, created by Sultan, come as .PDFs, and are also in 2 parts:

Balin’s Tomb1
Balin’s Tomb2

Pellenor Field1
Pellenor Field2

These next 2 maps were technically part of the Armies Expansion, but Weathertop is one of my all-time favorite Epic Duels maps, including those of Star Wars.  Also created by Robert Moore in .JPG form.

You’ll notice these are single files.  My memory is a bit foggy on this, but I think you will need to use a .JPG editor to split them into 2 for printing.

The Black Gate


You want more?  I haven’t personally played these, but Robert took it upon himself to create 2 more maps for your gaming pleasure.  He actually had an Orthanc map once as well, but I can’t find that one, and it wasn’t that great anyways.

The Deepening Wall

Mines of Moria


  1. Dirk says:

    I’m impressed by the number of new maps you created for the LotR Expansion. Do still consider doing Star Wars maps also?

    • roman says:

      Thanks but we didn’t do them. They were done by Robert Moore, Sultan, and some guy named Brian. With the initial 4 maps + 4 Transformers maps + 4 good LOTR maps, additional maps haven’t been a big enough need for us for anyone to learn how to make them.

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