LOTRED – For Online Play

LOTRED is also available for online play via Vassal.  If you’re intrigued by LOTRED but not sure, try it out on Vassal and see what you think.

It’s important to note that the Original 12 LOTRED decks will appear in their own LOTR window, but the 6 Armies decks and Hobbit decks will appear in the EXT window for SWED Extension Decks (Figures will appear in the SWED Ext Tab), not the LOTR window.  The maps will appear with the Star Wars maps (just how it works on Vassal).

If you haven’t already (and why haven’t you?) you will need to download SWED3-2 for Vassal.  LOTR is an extension that needs to be downloaded to your SWED3-2_ext directory, like any other SWED3-2 extension.

Vassal Extension Downloads:

Original 12 Decks — Appear in their own LOTR window.
Armies Expansion — The decks appear in the EXT window.
Maps — Will appear with Star Wars maps.

The Hobbit — The 8 below decks appear in the EXT window.
Great Goblin


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