Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

That’s right, there’s an entire LOTR ED set available for play online or in person with decks, maps, even cut-out figures!  All the major characters are here:  Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf, Saruman, the Witch King, and of course, Legolas & Gimli!  Plus, we’ve included characters from The Hobbit trilogy like Bilbo, Thorin and Smaug the dragon!

Lord of the Rings Epic Duels is based on the game Star Wars Epic Duels, designed by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness, and released by Hasbro in 2002.  I have no rights to the game, nor any LOTR materials.

Like the SWED decks from Geektopia, these decks were put together collaboratively and thoughtfully, and they have been heavily play-tested, with the exception of the decks from The Hobbit films (which have been tested, just not so heavily).

The original 12 decks were led by Roman (game design) and Robert Moore (art), and created though extensive collaboration with the ED online community, including well-known Epic Duels designers like Sultan, Scott Hagarty and fishfleas.  The 6 “expansion” decks were primarily an effort by Roman and Robert, and Roman added the 8 Hobbit decks following the final film of the trilogy (with key help from Separatist on Smaug).

All are available for printout and play, or for online play on Vassal.  Try them out and let us know what you think!

If you’ve already got the SWED module for Vassal, that’s probably the easiest way to get a quick look at all of them and get a sense of the experience.

Get LOTRED for Vassal! (all decks, expansions and maps)


Decks for Live Play

The decks are listed individually below so you can explore and print them.  If you’re ready for a complete set, I’ve put everything for print on this Print-and-Play page.

Maps for Live Play

LOTR Maps, some in .JPG form, others in .PDF.

Figures for Live Play

Robert was thoughtful enough to include cut-out figures with the deck .JPGs.  If you’re looking for actual figures, you can get really great ones through Games Workshop, but you’re going to pay for them and paint them yourself.  At least, that’s what I did.

Individual Deck Pages

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Aragorn & Arwen
Boromir & Denethor
Eomer & Rohirrim Archers
Eowyn & Merry
Faramir & Gondor Rangers
Frodo & Samwise

Gandalf & Pippin
Legolas & Gimli
Theoden & Rohirrim Riders

Cave Troll & Goblins
Gollum & Shelob
Gothmog & Orc Archers
Lurtz & Uruk-hai Archers
The Nazgul
Saruman & Grima Wormtongue
Sharku & Warg Riders
Uruk-hai Army
Witch King of Angmar & Orc Archers

The Hobbit Trilogy

Bard Bowman & Village Militia
Bilbo Baggins & Dwarves
Tauriel & Elven Archers

Thorin Oakenshield & Dwarves

Azog & Hunter Orcs
Bolg & Orcs
Great Goblin & Goblins
Smaug & Fire Pillars

More Deck ideas:

The Balrog
Galadriel & Haldir
Gorbag & Shagrat

Isildur & Elendil
The King of the Dead
Sauron the Dark Lord
Treebeard & Ents
Ugluk & Grishnak


Lead Designers

Roman F – lead designer

Robertmoore – lead visual designer, co-lead designer


Fishfleas – co-lead designer, co-lead visual designer of original 12

The Sultan – co-designer, map creator (Balin’s Tomb and Pelennor Field)

Tim Wutke aka volleballgy – co-designer, test decks creator of the original 12

fingersandteeth aka docmogs – co-designer, lead tester of the original 12

Scott Hagarty – co-designer of the original 12

Design Contributors

megaswfan – design contributor (led development of Lurtz deck)

wiwwt – design contributor

obiwanjohn – design contributor

Gustav Holst – design contributor

Separatist – design contributor

Special Thanks

Corey RIT – created Deck Designer, it makes it so easy to make your own decks, and easy to output them in both .PDF form and for Vassal!

Without it, this project would have taken at least another year.

Rob Daviau & Craig Van Ness – created Star Wars Epic Duels, the game this is based upon!  Thank Rob & Craig for endless hours of fun.

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