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Han Solo of Hoth

Minor(s): Chewie

Back in maybe, 2003 or 2004, before Star Wars Miniatures had gotten going, but after Epic Duels had come and gone, I got into seeking Star Wars figures. I picked up a Hoth Han Solo figure and had a an idea for a deck that’s always been at the back of my mind. Before we get hit with a wave of Star Wars content in 2019, I figured I’d take a shot at it and see if anyone else has any ideas for how to develop this deck a bit further, and I’ll see if I can dig up that old Hoth Han figure for it.

June 2019 update:  Umondy showed some interested in the deck and had some more ideas around movement, so I made a few tweaks.  The TEAM TACTICS card probably has too much going on but I sort of want all of that in the card.

Han Solo of Hoth & Chewie
by Roman

Hoth Han Solo
14 HP
Yellow+ Deck

14 HP
Strong+ minor deck

Hoth Han – 8 cards

3x Low Charge Blast
A4. If this card is not blocked, draw 2 cards.

2x Full Charge Blast
A5*, If this card is not blocked, the attack value is 10.

2x Team Tactics
Han does 3 damage to one character he can attack and the controlling player discards a card. Then divide up to 5 spaces between Han and Chewie.

1x Daring Rescue
Move any allied character adjacent to Han. Han or the allied character may recover 3 hit points.

Chewie – 4 cards

2x Light Bowcaster
A7. May not be played on the same turn as DISTRACTION.

2x Distraction
A0. The defending character may not defend again until after the end of your turn. Then move Han up to 2 spaces.






  1. umondy says:

    How funny is that? I just started to work on a Hoth Han and Chewie deck when I really accidentally came across your deck. I actually wanted to have a deck for Hans Tauntaun miniature. Maybe even to pair him up in 2v2 play with Luke’s Tauntaun deck. My idea was to base it on good movement and make this the main theme for the deck as Luke doesn’t make to much use of that in his deck. Your version also brings some movement. I really like your deck, maybe I will leave it at that and just use it with the Tauntaun mini.
    Just wanted to let you known I appreciate you sharing it.

  2. roman says:

    Ha! Cool. This deck kind of came out of nowhere. I’ll have to dig up that old figure, it’s pretty neat. Anyways, feel free to make this Han on Tauntaun and add more of your movement ideas if you want to.

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