Cin Drallig

2 Jedi Padawans

A relatively recent addition to the group.  Seven different lightsaber forms.  Seven different cards.  Damn the special card guidelines and whoever wrote them.

by Roman F and Geektopia

Cin Drallig
15 HP
22 cards
Blue Deck

2x Jedi Padawans
4 HP each
9 cards
Minor Brown Deck

Cin Drallig – 12 Talent Cards

A5.  After attacking, each enemy adjacent to Cin besides target is attacked with this card, and may defend as normal.

A0.  If you have another action this turn, you may use it to play any Cin basic card against the target. It cannot be defended.

A6.  If no more than one enemy is adjacent to Cin, then after attacking, you may move Cin up to 6 spaces.

A3*.  After defense is revealed, Cin may discard one Cin basic card and add its attack value to this attack.

A4.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

A4/D4.  Draw a card.

D8.  If attacker is adjacent, then after attack is resolved, Cin may move up to 2 spaces.

Move Cin up to 5 spaces.

Choose a Padawan. Until your next turn, that Padawan can play any Cin power combat card as if it was his. Playing this card does not count as an action.

Theme: Teacher of 7 lightsaber forms
Path to Victory: Any combination of power combat cards
Strengths: High attacks, power defense, strong minors can use special cards
Weaknesses: Not great in any one area, high variance in draws makes it difficult to strategize
Strategy: Have your Padawans use the right cards at the right time
Test Level: Low
Tier: 2

Inspiration: The idea of a character who had a card for each of 7 lightsaber forms had some appeal, but what brought it together was his ability to teach it to his Padawans.

Playing Cin Drallig: The challenge is that with 7 different types of power combat cards, you can’t really count on getting any particular card. The upside is, since most of Cin’s cards are power combat cards, you can count on getting some good attacks and defends. Using your Padawans with the SWORD TRAINER card is what makes the deck really fun.

Playing against Cin Drallig: He’s probably a better defender than attacker, so in a 2v2 game, you might consider leaving him alone and concentrating on his teammate. Beware Cin’s Padawans, they are capable of unleashing any of Cin’s Power Combat cards at any time, so you might consider taking them out of the game, which is easy and it takes away 2 of Cin’s Special cards.






  1. Roy says:

    I absolutely love this deck! Me and my friends have played a few matches with him, and though he has yet to win, that’s because he’s fought an Original Obi-Wan solo and in a 2v2 paired up with Bultar Swan who pulled absolutely NO cards. But they’re terrified and always have tried to get him simply because of three main things; his variablity, his speed, and his Padawans! Despite my difficulties winning, I love this deck because it’s so reactional, for lack of a better word. You can’t really plan so much as you have to work with the flow, which makes you unpredictable (because you are) which really can mess with your opponent’s head! Love the deck, the only thing I could think of changing would be to make Sword Trainer playable even when Cin is dead, it could help make up for the difference present in his lack of stability, but I’mma try that with my buds before I throw it out there ass more than a spitball.

  2. roman says:

    Thanks Roy! We like it too.

    The idea of letting unnamed minors use a major’s special card after his death deviates too far from the rules for us to make that change officially, but feel free to make that tweak for your own sessions.

    And keep the reports coming!

  3. Roy says:

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. But, a way to change that could be by making the Padawan a single named minor (since the character in the picture is) and make Sword Trainer a Talent Card of his, but then that might deviate from the inspiration since Cin Drallig was more a general instructor. But again, just spitballing. Still love the deck!

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About Cin Drallig in the Star Wars Universe

Cin Drallig was a legendary Jedi Master of the Old Republic during the time of the Clone Wars. Known for his skills in lightsaber comabt, Cin served as an instructor of lightsaber techniques at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. During his tenure as a Jedi Master, Cin Drallig accepted the dark-haired female, Serra Keto as his apprentice. As the apprentice of a Jedi Master with such remarkable lightsaber skills, Serra grew into a formidable fighter herself.

During the Clone Wars, Cin Dralling spent much time on Coruscant training Padawans in lightsaber combat. As the Clone Wars dimished the Jedi ranks and because the galaxy was consumed by war, Jedi with sufficient combat skills were in high demand. When the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, launched his final attack against the Jedi Knights, Cin Drallig was in the Jedi Temple when Darth Vader invaded. Cutting down every Jedi in his path, Darth Vader eventually confronted Master Dralling. In the halls and chambers of the Jedi Temple two Jedi warriors clashed in a ferocious battle.

Cin Drallig was more than a match for Darth Vader using the Force to enhance his speed as he engaged Vader in his own unique style of lightsaber form. The battle caused much collateral damage to the Jedi Temple destroying statues, crumbling ceilings, the battle even spilled out onto the outer platforms surrounding the structure. Unfortunately, it was not in Master Drallig’s destiny to defeat Darth Vader. Empowered with the strength of the Dark Side, Darth Vader was simply too strong for Master Drallig to defeat. Despite his supreme lightsaber skills, Cin Drallig was cut down by Darth Vader and joined the many of his Jedi brethren who became one with the Force that day.